2013. március 2., szombat

Move your limits


Per Spildra Borg and Merete Klingen – the founders of
STELLA POLARIS (1985 – 2013) – invite you to a special
workshop in their little theatre in Hungary.
The workshop is a journey for the participants to explore their
inner power through the methods of STELLA POLARIS
actor work. We will through movements, dance, voice, singing
and rhythmical work open new doors for expression and communication.
We will connect with our inner nature and the
outside nature as well as to find joy and our present roots.
The workshop is open to everyone who are willing to move
out of their comfort zones and who are looking for adventures
and magical transformations happening in their lives.

Former workshop participants say :
“This work is based on a real spiritual background that
transforms human beings…”
“I learned a lot about performing; being there 100% and
what energy you get from that !!!”
“This work is like a wave that takes you to another level…
and all inside resistance disappears in this wave…”
“The most important for me is how you teach and connect
with people; the honesty of the communication…
What you give out, is naturally coming back. The teaching
is about setting the body and mind free and to be what you

The workshop is held in TRÓJA HÁZ , our little theatre in
Magyarlukafa, a small village in Hungary. The accommodations
are simple and cosy.
Workshop fee with food and accommodation included:
For Hungarians and central Europeans: 250 €
All others: 550 €. If you want a single room, you have to
pay some extra.

For more information and enrolment:

Stella polaris

Magyarlukafa, Fő Utca 42, 7925 Hungary. Tel: +47 91514342

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